Who Makes Amana Appliances

Amana manufactures its home appliances in its manufacturing facility.

However, Whirlpool Corporation is the manufacturer in charge of this company’s production operations.

In 2023, Amana will be an 89 years old appliances company. Read the article thoroughly to know more about this vintage enterprise.

Who Makes Amana Appliances
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What company makes Amana appliances?

Amana has production facilities in several locations in the United States. There, the brand manufactures its appliances. However, Whirlpool Corporation controls and directs the production of Amana home apparatuses.

The production facilities of Amana are in Amana, Lowa, and Ohio. All the necessary sections of this brand’s productions, such as engineering, manufacturing, customer, and logistics, are in those facilities.

All corporate sections are available in those facilities, but the production operations authority is under Whirlpool Corporation. And this brand has been under Whirlpool since 2002.

However, Amana has two other divisions other than home appliances, including the furnace division and the HVAC division. Those two are not under Whirlpool.

Is Maytag and Amana the same?

The answer is no. Maytag and Amana are two different brands though the products the two make are the same type. However, the two brands have a connection history.

Before Amana went under Whirlpool, it was under Maytag. In 2002, Maytag purchased Amana from Goodman Global. However, Maytag did not buy the entire brand but the home appliance division of Amana.

In April 2006, Whirlpool Corporation purchased Maytag. As a result, Amana went under Whirlpool and became a subsidiary brand of this giant home appliances company.

Thus, Maytag and Amana share quite a history. And the products the two companies manufacture are of similar categories. That is why many people sometimes mistake these two for the same brand.

Does Amana make appliances in the USA?

Yes, Amana makes its home appliances in the United States. It has two manufacturing facilities in this country. One of the plants is in Amana, Lowa, and the other is in Ohio.

Amana manufactures dishwashers, freezers, etc., in Amana, Lowa. On the other hand, it manufactures its washing machines and dryers in Ohio. However, Amana uses these plants for manufacturing home appliances.

But home appliances are not everything. Amana produces HVAC systems and furnace systems as well. However, these two systems are separate divisions from home appliances.

Moreover, Amana’s HVAC and furnace systems manufacturing units are under Goodman Global to this date. The brand produces these systems in Houston, Texas, USA.

In Houston, Amana has a 4.2 million square feet HVAC system manufacturing facility. Interestingly, the facility is a single storied building. Therefore, all Amana products, including home appliances, are made in the USA.

In 1934, George Foerstner first established this company in Amana, Lowa. Therefore, not only does Amana make home appliances in the United States, but its origin lies in the country.

Does Amana make appliances in China?

There is no evidence that Amana manufactures its appliances in China. Besides, the production plants of this brand are in the USA.

Amana is an old brand and has had manufacturing facilities in this country from the beginning. Therefore, there is no way that Amana produces its appliances from China.

Does Amana make good home appliances?

Amana has a reputation for manufacturing quality products. The appliances the company manufactures are durable and last longer than any other appliances available on the market in that price segment.

Amana’s targeted consumers are middle-class. That is why the price of its products is below the average price. However, middle-class people always search for products that have great durability and longevity.

And Amana is doing the things most people are looking for. The appliances of this brand are highly durable and last longer. And everything comes at a lower price.

And the after-sales service of Amana is strong. Many people buy Amana appliances because of its after-sales service.

So. How can a company offer all these things at a lower price point? It is simple. The products of this company have a deficiency of aesthetics. All the product looks are way too simple.

In a word, Amana provides appliances at a low price that are reliable for day-to-day use. It makes this brand a good quality brand.


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