MSI Monitor Red Button Not Working (Possible Fixes)

If the red button on your MSI monitor is not working, there are a few potential fixes. In short…

First, check the physical connection of the button to ensure it’s properly seated. Clean the button and surrounding area to eliminate any dirt or debris affecting its functionality.

If the issue persists, reset the monitor’s settings to default through the on-screen menu.

If none of these solutions work, there might be an internal hardware problem, and you may need to contact MSI’s customer support for further assistance or consider professional repair services.

MSI Monitor Red Button Not Working

Probable reasons why the MSI red button is not working

Several reasons can cause such dysfunction of a monitor’s on-off switch or the red button. The most probable cases are listed below to see at a glance:

  • The most common reason is the loose connection between the monitor and GPU or the GPU and the motherboard. The red button will not help get any display colors if signals cannot pass.
  • The manufacturing defect is one of the most probable scenarios. MSI monitors are one of the most famous PC monitors in the world. You know, the more a company is popular, the more it has to work for mass production. During mass production, some units may come out defective.
  • Besides being defective, MSI monitors sometimes can have glitches. As a result, the built-in buttons do not work correctly, which is also true for the red button.
  • You should regularly check if your MSI monitor has a new update. Outdated drivers can cause problems with the red button. The latest updates may solve the dysfunctional problems for the monitors.
  • Last but not least, the hardware failure. It is the most significant reason among all the probable causes. If you are a rough user and have used your MSI monitor for quite a while, your monitor’s red button may suffer from hardware failure.

Probable fixings of the MSI monitor’s red button

If your MSI monitor’s red button is not working, follow the methods mentioned below:

  • Check the power connection of your monitor. If there is a loose connection or worn-out cable, change it. Or, no matter how many times you press the red button, it will not work.
  • If you see that your new MSI monitor’s red button is not working suddenly, it could be a manufacturing fault. Just go to MSI’s servicing center and claim your warranty.
  • Outdated GPU drivers can cause problems. Just update your monitor driver. It will solve the issue.
  • If your monitor is old and all the parameters are okay, you should take it to a professional. Because long pressing can wear out the buttons. The repairman will fix the buttons, and your monitor will be as good as new.

Why won’t my MSI monitor turn on?

If you are pressing your MSI monitor’s red button, but it is not turning on, the most reasonable cause would be that your red button is busted.

Besides the busting of the red button, several cases can occur behind the dysfunction of your monitor. There can be a loose connection between your monitor and the graphics card.

As a result, your monitor is turning on, but the pixels are not getting currents to turn on. In this case, you should pull out the connection and put it back. There can be dust formation to this loose connection.

Moreover, if your monitor’s outdated driver does not take updates automatically, it will become buggy. In this case, download the latest driver from MSI from MSI’s official website.

After downloading, you will find a zip file. Extract the zip file and go to the device manager. There, you will find the Monitors option. Click on the Monitors’ option and then right-click on Generic PnP Monitor.

Right-click on the Generic PnP Monitor and a dialogue box will pop up. There, you have to click on the Update Driver. Now, select Browse My Computer for Driver Software and search the downloaded program manually.

After finding the extracted file, install it. That’s it. Your MSI monitor driver has been updated.

However, you must update the MSI monitor driver using another company’s monitor as yours is not opening due to having no driver or backdated driver.

Why won’t my MSI monitor turn on but have power?

Your MSI monitor has power, but not turning on results from a loose connection between your graphics card and monitor. It is a common problem among PC users.

Not turning on is a general issue. Check your connections with your GPU. And, if you use the integrated GPU, check the connection with your motherboard.

Besides, if your GPU driver is not up to date, or you did not install your GPU driver, your monitor will not get any signal. Thus, you should check your GPU driver’s update period to know if it is a GPU issue.

Besides, a worn-out cable is a big issue here. Sometimes, the wires break inside the insulator, but you cannot see that. If your HDMI cable is old, get a new one to save yourself from this hassle.


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