Do Monitors Have Bluetooth? – (Revealed)

Monitors do not come with Bluetooth.

Before you ask why, you should know the purpose of a monitor. The monitor is the graphics interface of the commands you give to your PC, and Bluetooth protocol does not support video sharing.

Since 1897, display technology has advanced to what we are seeing today.

Read the article to find out how you can use your monitor wirelessly and the effectiveness of Bluetooth in monitors.

Do Monitors Have Bluetooth

Can I connect monitors to my PC with Bluetooth?

The answer is no. Bluetooth cannot connect your computer to your monitor.

First things first, Bluetooth cannot be used for PC monitor connection. The reason is the data transfer speed and the non-supportive protocol for video data.

The latest version of Bluetooth is Bluetooth 5.4, released on 8 March 2023. Its speed is only 2 Mbps. The speed is regrettably slower than any wired connection in 2023.

On the other hand, a monitor takes a massive amount of data to show us graphics output on the screen. The amount of data a monitor takes for different resolutions per hour is listed below to see at a glance:

Type of Monitor Based on ResolutionMaximum Data Taken Per Hour
Standard Definition Monitor372 MB
High Definition Monitor (720P)1000 MB
Full HD (1080P)3000 MB
Ultra HD (4K)7000 MB

Neither the latest Bluetooth version nor the old ones are capable of sharing this amount of data.

Some monitors on Amazon advertise as Bluetooth monitors. However, the monitors do not have Bluetooth cards installed. It completely depends on the PC you are using.

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Can you connect to a monitor wirelessly?

The answer depends on the method by which you want to connect your PC to your monitor wirelessly. There are some methods you can use to connect your monitor wirelessly to your PC.

One of the methods is using Miracast. In this technology, Wifi is used for sharing data from PC to output displays, such as projectors, monitors, printers, etc. Not all monitors support Miracast.

Another way is to use WiGig. The devices that support WiGig can share data at a speed of multiGigabyte. As a result, it is easy to share data without wiring to Monitors.

However, these technologies are only applicable to monitors that meet the specifications. And I can assure you that these displays are super expensive.

It would be more efficient to use cables to connect your PC to your monitor rather than going for wireless technology.

However, if you want to avoid the wiring stuff, you can use the Wireless Video HDMI technology. In this piece of tech, the Monitor will have a receiver, and your PC will have a transmitter.

Wireless Video HDMI uses your home’s Wifi connection to transfer data from the PC to the monitor. However, the security would have been an issue here.

But ScreenBeam has created a solution where you do not need to use your home Wifi network. Here, the transmitter and receiver can make a direct wireless connection.

How to turn on Bluetooth on the monitor?

First, you need to know that the Bluetooth adapter is not installed in a monitor but in the PC.

However, you can always check if your PC has Bluetooth or not by following the directory Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices. From the directory, you can always turn on your Bluetooth on your PC.

Now, what is meant by Bluetooth monitor? Looking at the Apple ecosystems, you will find that users can seemingly transfer files from one device to another. Or you can also see that they are casting iPad’s screen on iMac.

These are possible by cast-screen or mirror-screen technology. It is done via the home’s Wifi network. It can also be done via Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth is not an efficient method for this technology.


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