Does Restarting Your Phone Delete Everything? – (Answered)

Rebooting or restarting phones does not delete anything from the phone. You have to understand the difference between factory reset and restarting. These two have two different jobs to do.

Phone restarting is an essential function of a phone. Read the article to learn why your phone needs restarting and how you delete everything on your phone.

Does Restarting Your Phone Delete Everything
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What happens if you restart your phone?

Restarting a phone will shut down any app running in the background. As a result, your phone’s memory’s free space will increase and eliminate heating issues.

Every device needs restarting at some point. Several reasons will lead you to reboot your phone. One of the primary reasons would be a hung-up issue.

If you are using a budget phone, you must have experienced that your phone has stuck at a certain point and does not respond. To fix this issue, you just long-press your phone’s power button for a force start.

Interestingly, force restarting solves this issue. However, there are other problems you can solve with rebooting.

If you see that your apps are continuously closing down and giving crash reports, your phone needs a restart. After you reboot, you will have plenty of free memory to use.

Besides memory shortage or being stuck, some other issues can make you restart your phone, including

  • Display flickering problem-solving
  • Display touch problem-solving
  • Operating system bug repairing

Will restarting my phone delete my photos?

The answer is no. Don’t worry. Restarting will not delete your photos on your phone.

Restarting does not delete anything from the phone. However, it will be closed if something is running in the background. Therefore, if you are having issues and need a reboot, save everything before doing it.

But again, thanks to the development of smartphones, your phone automatically saves everything before rebooting. Therefore, you do not need to worry about losing data.

Now, talking about photos, your photos are saved in storage. Therefore, though you reboot your phone, it will affect nothing. Rebooting just clears out memory, not the storage.

If you have just clicked a photo and suddenly your phone is rebooting, does the clicked photo get deleted? No. Smartphones are capable enough. Your picture will remain intact.

What is the difference between restart and reset?

Restarting and resetting is an entirely different thing. One just turns off and on your phone, and the other clears your storage and restores to the initial condition.

When you restart your phone, it does some small work, such as closing background apps, resolving heating issues, clearing memory, etc. However, it does not make any significant changes to the phone.

And for the reset option, the story is entirely different. For restarting, just long-press your phone, which will take a restart. But for resetting, you have to do some extra work.

First, you have to go to the settings option on your phone. There, factory reset is the target for resetting a phone. If you click on factory reset, the phone will ask you for your phone’s unlocking password or pattern lock.

Just give the password and press Yes. And the game will begin. It will take a few minutes. After the resetting, the phone will become a new phone as all the customizations will be restored to defaults, and the storage will be empty.

What is the difference between reboot and restart?

Well, for this you need to know some vocabulary. Reboot is the process through which restarting is completed.

When you long-press your power button, the restart option pops up. If you click the button, the phone will shut down and turn back on.

However, you can do this manually. For that, you have to long-press the power button and click the Shut Down option. After your phone shuts down, you again long-press the power button to turn your phone back on.

But the restarting option does the extra work you had to do. Here, reboot comes into play. When you touch on the restart option, you trigger a reboot process. This process does the whole thing, which you had to do manually.

Some phones, such as Xiaomi, Realme, etc., do not show a restart option. They show the reboot option directly. However, it does the same thing as hitting a restart labeled option.


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