How To Turn Off Anker Power Bank?

To turn off your Anker power bank, just press and hold the power button of your charger until the LED light indicator turns off.

However, if your power bank has no power button, just cut off the charging source.

Anker is one of the top-rated power bank manufacturers right now. Read the following article to learn more about Anker Chargers.

How to Turn Off Anker Power Bank
Image: Anker

Does Anker’s power bank turn off automatically?

Well, Anker chargers are power-core dependent. Therefore, yes. It should automatically turn off when your battery is full.

Power-core dependency is a technology where a larger power-core, such as a power bank of 10000 milliamps, will stop delivering power when the demand is little. With little demand, it means the battery is full.

First, you must know why automatically turning off the battery is necessary. Primarily two reasons play behind the demand for the unmanned power cut of a power bank.

One of the reasons is when you put your phone for charging by a power bank. If you forget to remove your phone from the charger, it will overcharge your phone. Eventually, your phone battery life will decay.

And another reason is when you put your power bank on charging on a wall charger. If your power bank is fully charged and you must remember to remove your charger, it may overcharge and reduce its charge capacity over time.

However, as for the Anker chargers, it has power-core-dependent technology. Therefore, it will stop after its charge becomes full.

The same goes for charging your phone. Regardless of the power bank brand, your phone will stop taking charge when it is at 100 percent. Smartphones are programmed to prevent overcharging.

How do I know if my Anker charger has turned off?

When you do a long press on your charger’s power button, the LED will be on and off in milliseconds. It indicates that your charger has been turned off.

However, this is only true for some Anker power banks or chargers. Some do not have a power button. Simply disconnect the power cord for those power banks, and it will work as a turned-off device.

Besides the power on-off, you can understand what is happening with your power bank by seeing the LED light.

Anker uses LED lights to inform the battery stats of the power banks. When you click on the power button, the LED lights start blinking, and for that, the company uses four LED lights.

Suppose your Anker power bank has a charging percentage above 50 percent. Then, you will see that two LED lights remain solid while the third one is blinking. The same goes when your power bank is on charge.

However, when checking the percentage, the LED light turns on for five seconds. But when charging a phone or the power bank takes charge, its LEDs stay on until you disconnect the power cord.

Then comes the full charge situation. When the power bank is fully charged, the LED lights shut off.

What does the green light mean on Anker’s power bank?

The green light on an Anker charger means the power bank’s trickle charging mode is on. This mode helps save charge as well as for preventing overcharging.

Trickle mode is an essential invention for power banks. Before going further, you should know what trickle mode is.

When trickle mode is active, the power bank’s discharging rate equals the charge-using rate of the phone, earbuds, etc. In this way, your device will not overcharge while you are not noticing the battery percentage.

This mode is very effective for devices with small battery capacity, such as earbuds, smartwatches, etc. However, you have to turn on trickle mode manually to use it.

Double-press the power button quickly to turn on the trickle mode on an Anker power bank. After double-pressing, LED lights will turn green, which means the mode is activated.


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