Is Sony Still Making Phones

Sony is still making phones in 2023.

Sony’s sales have dropped significantly over the years.

However, the latest phone from Sony, the Xperia 5 IV, is a clear sign that this Japanese company is pushing its smartphone business.

Is Sony Still Making Phones
Sony Smartphone/Image/Pexels

Sony is known for its electronic products, especially Playstation gaming consoles and Xperia phones.

Read the following article to learn why this Japanese multinational company’s smartphone sales are declining.

Why did Sony stop making phones?

First of all, Sony did not stop manufacturing phones. However, Sony Corporation has shrunk its global exporting range to decimal numbers.

As a result, most people do not find Sony’s smartphones in the market. This phenomenon has created a misconception that Sony may have discontinued its smartphone manufacturing. However, it is not true.

Currently, Sony is selling its smartphones, that is, Xperia phones, in certain regions of the world. The key markets of this Japanese company are given below to see at a glance:

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Europe

Once, this Japanese multinational company sold its smartphones in the Indian region. But sales in this segment were not up to the mark. As a result, Sony cut its supply chain in India in 2019.

Besides, Sony also does not sell the Xperia smartphones in the United States as well. You may find Sony phones unofficially. But the company stopped selling phones in North America some years ago.

Are any new Sony phones coming out

Are any new Sony phones coming out?

The last phone from Sony came out in September 2022, and the smartphone’s model was Xperia 5 IV. Besides, the company has officially announced it will release a new phone on 11 May 2023, Xperia 1 V.

Therefore, yes. Sony is still releasing new phones.

Sony has been manufacturing phones since 1 October 2001. Though Sony Corporation is today’s Sony phone manufacturer, the story was different at that time.

Ericsson and Sony Corporation collaborated and established a phone manufacturing brand named Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication. Later in 2012, Sony bought shares of Ericsson and reinvented Sony Mobile Communication Inc.

As the number of brands of Sony increased, it was becoming harder for this Japanese company to manage efficiently. And from this thought, Sony integrated its mobile manufacturing brand with its core company, Sony Group Corporation, in 2021.

Moreover, Sony started releasing all the phones under a subsidiary brand named Xperia, which is similar to Samsung’s daughter brand Galaxy.

Sony is releasing smartphones under its Xperia subsidiary brand. Some of the recent phones Sony with releasing year are listed below to see at a glance:

  • Xperia 5 IV (2022)
  • Xperia Ace III (2022)
  • Xperia 1 IV (2022)
  • Xperia 10 IV (2022)
  • Xperia PRO-I (2021)
  • Xperia Ace II (2021)
  • Xperia 1 III (2021)
  • Xperia 5 III (2021)
  • Xperia x10 III (2021)
  • Xperia PRO (2021)

Why did Sony’s smartphones lose their popularity?

As of this writing, Sony smartphones’ popularity is negligible compared to companies like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, etc. Several reasons are playing behind the scene as to why Sony has lost its glory. Let’s talk about it here.

Sony was a widely famous brand for manufacturing waterproof phones. Also, the durability and other features created a massive fan community for this company’s phones. However, all are past now.

One of the main reasons for Sony’s popularity loss is that the company only released flagship smartphones. There are people with different classes and demands. But Sony only focused on high-end products.

Sony always tried to become Apple in the Android world. However, Apple is single-handedly dominating with its iOS. On the contrary, Android’s field is filled with competitors. On this site, you cannot just rely on the flagship phones.

Besides, Sony was the first company to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack and memory card slot from the phone.

Everyone now has accepted this removal of such necessary features. But try to understand the situation about Sony as the first to remove these essential features. It was the primary reason why its sales dropped sharply in 2018.


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