Is KitchenAid Going Out of Business

The answer is no. KitchenAid is not going out of business any time soon.

Besides, this kitchenware company generates billions of dollars in revenue annually, which means it is financially sound.

Every year, KitchenAid’s revenue jumps higher and higher.

Read the following article to learn more about KitchenAid’s business journey and other details.

Is KitchenAid Going Out of Business
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Did KitchenAid get bought out?

The answer is no. In 1986, Whirlpool Corporation acquired this kitchenware brand and is still under this multinational company in 2023.

KitchenAid’s business has been going upward since Whirlpool Corporation took over. As of 2022, the annual revenue of KitchenAid was 21.3 billion dollars. Therefore, there is no reason to sell out KitchenAid.

However, in 1986, Dart and Kraft sold out KitchenAid to Whirlpool. At that time, it was a small kitchenware manufacturing company with tiny product variations.

Dart & Kraft was suffering financial difficulty. Thus, this company sold KitchenAid to Whirlpool for 150 million dollars and divided itself into two separate companies.

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Why is KitchenAid out of stock everywhere?

Consumers’ demand for KitchenAid’s stand mixer had reached another level. But the production of the company was not sufficient, resulting in an instant out-of-stock situation.

In 2020, KitchenAid announced publicly that the company’s stock was empty. The covid-19 pandemic was fully or partially responsible for this situation that KitchenAid had to encounter.

KitchenAid’s market analysts do an excellent job of finding the demand and how much the company needs to produce products. And it was not any different in 2020. However, the pandemic crashed the supply-demand calculation.

People were under lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, home cooking became essential for everyone. Moreover, online food deliveries were also paused by the government for a few months.

In this situation, everyone started to buy cooking accessories. And KitchenAid’s stand mixer was one of the kitchenware on the top of everyone’s choice list. The result reversed for being at the top of people’s favorite list for KitchenAid.

As everyone started buying KitchenAid’s stand mixer, the outlets and stores ran out of that product in days. And the company had no choice but to announce out-of-stock.

You know that out-of-stocks have a negative impact on a company’s reputation. Consumers move toward other brands. However, it did not happen for KitchenAid. According to professional bakers, this company’s stand mixer is still on their choice list.

Does KitchenAid still manufacture products?

KitchenAid still manufactures kitchenware. As its products are one of the top selling products in the kitchenware market, its manufacturing facilities are under constant pressure of production.

As of 2023, KitchenAid has eight manufacturing facilities in the United States. The locations of this company’s production plants are given below to see at a glance:

  • South Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Quebec
  • Lowa
  • Mississippi
  • Indiana
  • Ontario
  • Arkansas

Besides these, KitchenAid has a reputation for its stand mixer. The company manufactures stand mixer parts and assembles them in Greenville, Ohio.

KitchenAid has several production facilities in the United States but has to produce additional kitchenware from the Chinese region to fulfill the consumers’ demand. It indicates the popularity of this brand.

Does KitchenAid still make good products?

KitchenAid has a solid reputation regarding its products’ quality. In 1919, when Hobart Corporation first established this brand, it made only stand mixers. The popularity of its stand mixers skyrocketed in the founding year for the quality.

In 2023, in the North American region, KitchenAid’s stand mixer is still in the top position of people’s choice list. The reason is that this company’s mixer lasts around ten to twenty years, far greater than most of the company’s mixers.

Besides the stand mixers, other products of KitchenAid, such as refrigerators, cooktops, toasters, etc., are also made of high-quality materials. Raw materials testing of this company is strictly followed, as well as the quality control of the production process.

KitchenAid follows an eco-friendly production process. As a result, the environmental impact of kitchenware production is low.

For manufacturing long-lasting products and having an eco-friendly manufacturing facility, KitchenAid has done an excellent job of saving the earth from pollution. Besides, the materials KitchenAid uses are partially recycled.

Besides all these, the warranty policy of KitchenAid is one of the primary points of attraction.


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