Do Monitors Come With Remotes? – (Revealed)

Most monitors do not come with a remote because a keyboard or a gaming controller serves the purpose of the remote controller.

However, some brands, such as Samsung, BenQ, etc., have monitor models that come with a remote.

Remotes were invented for efficiency and convenience, and remotes with monitors can boost your performance to the next level.

Follow the article to learn about monitor remotes.

Do Monitors Come with Remotes
Image: Samsung

Do monitors need remotes?

It depends on whether you need a remote or not for your monitor. In general, monitors do not need a remote because of their purpose.

However, monitors with remotes can increase your workspace convenience and efficiency to a new level. If you have a remote with your PC monitor, it can be a game-changing experience for you.

In laptops, you can use gestures on your touchpad for different purposes, such as

  • Two fingers swipe up to scroll down
  • Two fingers swipe down to scroll up
  • Three fingers swipe down to go to the desktop home screen
  • Three fingers swipe up to open recent applications
  • Four fingers swipe left or right to move to another desktop space

However, it is not easy to learn all these shortcuts. Moreover, if it is not a laptop but a desktop, you will have to buy a touchpad to use these gestures.

In this case, remotes always have the upper hand in terms of benefits. With the remotes, a single button press can do the job of the following gestures.

Besides the gestures, you can also use this for multimedia consumption, such as pause, play, replay, etc., with just one press. Therefore, convenience and efficiency both increase if remotes come with monitors.

In other words, remotes are necessary for the work environment. It will make life easy.

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Can I get a remote controller for a monitor?

The answer is no. Not every monitor has the function to control it through a remote. However, some companies, such as Samsung, have started making monitors that support remote controllers.

First of all, you need to know why you cannot use remotes for all the monitors available. Remotes work on the theory of IR blast. When you press a remote button, IR blasts from the remote and reaches the monitor.

However, the monitor must have an IR receiver that matches the remote’s frequency. If your monitor does not have an IR receiver, the remote will not work on your monitor.

But no worries. There is hope. You can still install an IR receiver on your monitor. Arduino Forum has developed a project that you will find on this microcontroller company’s website.

By following Arduino’s project step, you can easily install an IR receiver for your monitor and turn it into a smart TV. But for this, you need to learn some mechatronics stuff.

Which companies’ monitors have remotes
Image: BenQ

Which companies’ monitors have remotes?

Recently, some companies have started adding remotes to their monitors. As a result, these companies have grabbed a massive consumer community.

The companies that have released monitors with remotes are listed below with the name of the monitor model’s series to see at a glance:

  • BenQ – EX series (EX2780Q and EX3415Q)
  • Samsung – M series (M7 and M8)
  • Dell – C series
  • LG AKB72915219

These are the worldwide famous companies that have released monitors with remotes. Samsung has been marketing its M series monitors as half monitor and half smart TV.

Do remotes with monitors make me lazy?

Remote controls and laziness have no relationship. It will just increase the efficiency and convenience of your regular work.

The gesture-based control is tricky and needs a lot to master. On the other hand, remotes can reduce practicing efforts. As a result, the efficiency of the workspace increases, and newbies do not need to suffer.

A user has to press buttons mounted on the monitor to execute various commands. And most monitor manufacturers make buttons and monitor bodies the same color.

As a result, the wrong button pressing is a problem for maximum users.

These problems can be handled easily if manufacturers add remotes to their monitors. Therefore, it is not a matter of laziness but convenience.


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