How Loud is iPhone Speaker? – (Revealed)

An iPhone speaker can produce up to 115 decibels. However, it depends on the model and where the iPhone is released.

In the European region, the speaker loudness is limited to 100 decibels only.

Though Apple’s iPhone does not have the loudest speaker in the smartphone market, it has one of the loudest speakers.

Read the following article to know which iPhone can create how much sound in the scale of decibels.

How Loud is iPhone Speaker
iPhone 14 Pro Max/Image/Depositphotos

Which iPhone has the loudest speaker?

As of 2023, the iPhone 14 pro max speaker has the highest decibels. It can produce around 103 decibels.

iPhone speakers can generate up to 115 DB. However, Apple has developed its iOS software in a way that will keep the level of sounds around 100 DB. That is why iPhones’ speakers do not reach 115 DB.

Besides the sound intensity level, the latest iPhones use stereo speakers setup powered by Dolby Atmos. As a result, the sound you get from your iPhone is more contrasty, sharp, and clear.

Let’s find out which model of iPhone can create how many decibels to its maximum capacity below to see at a glance:

iPhone Model NameMaximum Decibels
iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max103
iPhone 14100
iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max103
iPhone 13100.5
iPhone 13 Mini100
iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max72.5
iPhone 1275.5
iPhone 12 Mini73.4
iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max74.3
iPhone 1171.3
iPhone XS and XS Max87.6
iPhone XR74.8
iPhone X74
iPhone 8 Plus74.6
iPhone 877.8
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus85
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus115
iPhone 6s105
iPhone 5 and 5s104
iPhone 5c102
iPhone 4 and 4s92.9
iPhone 3G and 3Gs98.6
iPhone 2G94.3

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How many decibels is an iPhone at its lowest volume
Image: Pexels

How many decibels is an iPhone at its lowest volume?

The lowest volume of an iPhone is zero decibels. We also call it silent mode or mute. However, the sound we get after the first click on the volume up button when the iPhone is in mute position is around three to five decibels.

The lowest volume depends on the highest volume the speaker can make and how many clicks need to be given to mute the iPhone.

The reason is that every click on the volume rocker decreases or increases the volume equally. And the total number of clicks you need to give to your iPhone is 25 to silence it.

The lowest decibels an iPhone can generate are tabled below for different recent iPhone models to see at a glance:

iPhone Model NameMinimum Decibels
iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max4.12
iPhone 144
iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max4.12
iPhone 134.03
iPhone 13 Mini4
iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max3
iPhone 123.4
iPhone 12 Mini3.2
iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max3.4
iPhone 112.7

The table shows the lowest volume of an iPhone. However, the normal range of a phone’s volume is around 60 to 70 decibels.

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Why recent iPhones do not have high-decibel speakers?

According to the statistical data, old iPhone models had powerful speakers and could produce high-decibel sound. However, the recent iPhones have moved from that. Let’s find out here.

First of all, as the years advance, people are searching for better sound quality instead of loudness. For loud sounds, you can always use a loudspeaker.

Besides, speakers that can produce loud sounds are noisy. But for a phone, you need to have accurate sound production. Therefore, the iPhone introduced technologies like Dolby Atmos in its system.

Moreover, some regions in the world, such as the European Union, have given a limit to smartphone companies on how much their phones can make a sound. For the EU, the limit is 100 DB.

As a result, if you buy an iPhone from the European region, you will find your iPhone producing less sound than the American variant.


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