Where Are Motorola Phones Made in 2024?

Motorola manufactures its phones in China, India, and Brazil.

However, the company sources the parts from various countries to assemble the final product.

Motorola was the first company to demonstrate the capability of a cellular phone in 1973. Read the article to find out how Motorola Mobility is doing business now in 2023.

where are Motorola phones made

Does Motorola manufacture phones in the USA?

Unfortunately, Motorola stopped manufacturing phones in the United States in 2014.

However, its headquarters is in this country, and it designs phones, ICs, and motherboards here.

Though Motorola does not manufacture phones in the USA, it is an American company. In 1928, the company was initialized in Chicago, Illinois, and was named Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

Later, in 1930, Paul Galvin renamed the company Motorola and was famous for selling radio. That is how the company began its business in the United States.

Then, the question arises that is why Motorola stopped manufacturing its phones in the United States.

On 4 January 2011, Motorola, Inc. was divided into two companies. One of them was Motorola Mobility which manufactures smartphones and feature phones, and its shareholders were Google and Lenovo.

In 2014, Google sold its share, and Lenovo became the only parent company of Motorola Mobility. Lenovo wanted to reduce the production cost of Motorola phones, which is not possible if manufactured in the United States.

Therefore, Lenovo shut down the manufacturing facilities of Motorola phones in the USA and shifted to countries where the production cost was low.

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does Motorola manufacture phones in the USA

Is Motorola still American?

Yes. Motorola Mobility has still been listed as an American company to this date.

However, the production facility of Motorola Mobility is now outside the USA. The owner of this company is also a Non-American company, Lenovo.

Though Motorola Mobility manufactures its products outside the USA and shows activities like a foreign company, it sells its products in the USA.

Moreover, a large community in the USA uses Motorola’s phones as their daily driver.

Though Motorola Mobility does not manufacture its products in the United States, another half, Motorola Solutions, continues its production in this country.

Motorola Solutions is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, whereas Motorola Mobility is not there. However, the phone company has an International Securities Identification Number.

does Motorola Inc. still exist

Does Motorola Inc. still exist?

Unfortunately, Motorola Inc. is not available in 2023. In 2011, Motorola company split into two brands, including Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility.

Motorola Solutions is an independent public company. This company manufactures products, such as software, mechatronic systems, telecommunication equipment, etc.

All the products Motorola Solutions manufactures now were manufactured before the separation in 2011. The only item this company does not produce is cellular phones, i.e., smartphones and featured phones.

In 2011, the phone manufacturing division split from the primary unit of Motorola and created Motorola Mobility. Currently, Lenovo operates this phone manufacturing unit as its subsidiary.

Are Motorola phones Chinese?

The answer is yes. Motorola manufactures phones in the Chinese region. However, the origin of this company is in the United States.

As of 2023, Lenovo holds a hundred percent share of Motorola Mobility. As Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company, we can say Motorola has fully evolved into a Chinese company.

Though Motorola is currently a Chinese multinational company, its headquarter is still in the USA. The location of Motorola Mobility’s headquarters is Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

However, China is not the only country where Motorola manufactures smartphones and featured phones. It has manufacturing facilities in two other countries, including Brazil and India.

who manufactures Motorola smartphones

Who manufactures Motorola smartphones?

Lenovo is the manufacturer of Motorola smartphones. This Chinese brand has been manufacturing Motorola smartphones since 2011.

Here, Lenovo manufactures Motorola smartphones meaning it controls the manufacturing operations. But Motorola has its manufacturing facilities where it produces smart and featured phones.

Before 2014, Google and Lenovo operated Motorola manufacturing facilities together to produce Motorola phones. In 2014, when Google sold out its share portion, Lenovo became the only company to produce its products.

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