Who Makes Motorola Phones

Motorola Mobility LLC makes Motorola phones.

The company specializes in manufacturing Android-powered phones along with other mobile devices.

It is a part of the Lenovo Group which is a global technology corporation placed in China.

Who Makes Motorola Phones
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Motorola itself manufactures its own phones for the first time. But currently, its become a division company of Lenovo.

On top of that, a few independent technological firms manufacture Motorola phones throughout several nations.

The headquarters of Motorola Mobility is in Chicago, Illinois. The company has production plants along with R&D facilities across the world.

Some significant countries are China, Brazil, and India.

The company is on the rise with a market share of over 20% in Brazil. It is a well-known brand in Latin America.

Motorola has become renowned for its mid-range and budget-friendly smartphones. Its phones provide a respectable feature set at a reasonable price.

The business also makes high-end cell phones with cutting-edge capabilities, such as Motorola Adge and Razr.

Are Motorola phones made in the USA?

No, absolutely no phones of Motorola are produced in the United States.

The business no longer maintains any US manufacturing plants. It essentially relocated its manufacturing sites away from its parent nation.

When Google controlled Motorola, the devices were made in the United States. But later Google subsequently sold its units to Lenovo.

The majority of Motorola phones are created in Chicago. Before, it operated the greatest manufacturing facility out of Fort Worth, Texas.

Manufacturers of Motorola cell phones eventually discontinued producing smartphones there.

Then Lenovo manufactures all Motorola phones in China. It doesn’t imply that the quality is poor.

Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone are examples of “American brand phones.” In China, they are often assembled by Foxconn with different smartphone components produced by other Asian firms.

Despite not being made in the USA, Motorola phones are nonetheless sold by US distributors or merchants of consumer goods.

However, these phones rarely have a chance against other international mobile phone manufacturers in today’s US marketplace.

Right now, the company manufactures its products in India. It has a manufacturing plant in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Is Motorola now a Chinese Company?

No, Motorola is not a Chinese brand. Although Motorola is an American company and a division of Lenovo.

Here, Lenovo is a Chinese manufacturer. Motorola was separated into Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility in 2011.

Nevertheless, in 2014 Chinese company named Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility.

When it was under google then it continued all its work in the USA. Also, the company’s headquarters is placed in Chicago, USA.

Google purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion before selling that to Lenovo for $2.9 billion.

Right now, the whole production process for the mobile phone brand Motorola Mobility is located in China.

Are Motorola and Lenovo the same?

The answer is NO. Motorola and Lenovo are not the same.

Lenovo is a wholly Chinese company that assembles and produces its products in China along with a Chinese headquarters. Meanwhile, things are different with Motorola.

Motorola is not totally owned division of BBK Electronics. Whereas, Lenovo is. Moreover, Lenovo specializes in computers, and Motorola in handsets.

So, Motorola and Lenovo aren’t the same. But Motorola is a division of Lenovo.

Who owns Motorola now?

Lenovo owns Motorola company. But before Lenovo, the company was owned by Google.

In May 2012, google paid $12.5 billion for the renowned phone business Motorola Mobility. Greg Brown is the CEO of Motorola Mobility.

But later, it took the decision to sell the company. Google sold Motorola to Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo for only $2.9 billion.

Is Motorola going out of business?

No, Motorola is not going out of business.

But the name “Motorola” will be removed from products and labeled a new name called “Moto by Lenovo.”

All phones will no longer bear the renowned Motorola logo in the following years.

The two phone companies owned by Lenovo are being merged under the Lenovo brand. It will utilize the Moto brand from Motorola for high-end items.

The Motorola brand is still present in some form. According to Motorola’s CEO, it will continue to exist in terms of the dominant Chinese consumer electronics company.

The choice is probably an attempt to exploit the Moto series. Which is well-liked by Android users to increase awareness of the Lenovo brand.

What does Motorola company make?

Motorola is primarily a manufacturer of smartphones.

As well as it also manufactures other mobile accessories that are running the Android operating system from Google.

Except for smartphones, Motorola makes products, including;

  • Tablet
  • Mobile phones
  • Computers
  • Two-way radios
  • Cable television system
  • Networking system
  • RFID system
  • Mobile telephone infrastructure
  • Wireless broadband networks
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