Where Are Frigidaire Refrigerators Made

The majority of the company’s refrigerators are made in the United States.

Frigidaire is one of the companies whose vast majority of goods are exclusively manufactured and assembled in the USA.

where are Frigidaire refrigerators Made

Except for the USA, the company’s refrigerators are manufactured in China, Italy, South Korea, and Mexico.

Let’s explore in detail the production of refrigerators by Frigidaire in the USA and Mexico.

United States

In September 1918, the company unveiled its first standalone refrigerator in Detroit.

After that time, the company led the way in American refrigerator manufacturing. The company has some manufacturing facilities in the city of the United States. They are in;

  • Minnesota
  • Anderson County
  • Tennessee


This plant had been manufacturing lots of freezers and refrigerators till 2018.

Because in 2018, the plant was disclosed. This was done to draw more attention to the other plants.

Moreover, the corporation declared that it will invest over $500 million into its additional US plants.

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Anderson County

Frigidaire centralized its freezer operations in Anderson County after the Minnesota facility closed in 2019.

This location is placed in South CarolinaThehe plant was built by Electrolux.

Since its establishment, lots of refrigerators have been manufactured for the South American market.

Over 2000 employees work for Electrolux at the Anderson plant that makes Frigidaire refrigerators.

The factory will be capable of generating over 2 million refrigerators units yearly.


The company invested a stunning $250 million in the construction of a facility in Tennessee to manufacture high-end refrigerators.

Actually, this plant was constructed in Springfield to help Frigidaire and Electrolux expand their business in North America.


Here in Mexico, the company’s manufacturing plant is placed in Ciudad Juarez, south of EI Paso.

Mexican factories have traditionally produced Frigidaire refrigerators. The company has been producing its signature refrigerators here since 2005.

Even though the company’s cutting-edge, top-tier refrigerator facility will soon operate in Mexico.

The annual production capacity of this factory was roughly one million units. Canada and the United States both receive refrigerators manufactured in this location.

Are Frigidaire refrigerators made in China?

The answer is NO. Frigidaire refrigerators are not manufactured in China.

Frigidaire only manufactures air conditioners and dehumidifiers in China. But the company will open its refrigerator manufacturing plant in China soon.

Also, the manufacturing cost in China is very low. That’s why the company plans to construct its manufacturing plants in China.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that quality control and production standards procedures might differ significantly from one region to another region.

Even if some consumers may have worries about goods manufactured in China. Anyway, for now, Frigidaire does not manufacture any refrigerators in China.

Are Frigidaire refrigerators good?

Yes, Frigidaire refrigerators are good in quality.

Refrigerators manufactured by Frigidaire are renowned for their durability and energy efficiency. It’s wonderful to see how many flagships features the more recent models have.

The company’s refrigerators are more efficient since they come with a lot of modern technology and functionality. Also, they are attractive and simple to use.

In the appliance sector, this company is a renowned brand that provides a variety of refrigerators to meet various demands and price points.

The Energy Star accreditation of Frigidaire refrigerators indicates that they are created to be power-efficient and may allow you to save on utility costs.

In addition, a lot of models include options like temperature controls, door bins, and shelves that may be adjusted to fit your needs.

Several of the Frigidaire refrigerators models do have a few issues, though. The most frequent issues include water leakage, door malfunction, abrupt shutdown, poor deforestation, and noisy operation.

Some models of Frigidaire refrigerators are given below;

  • Top-freezer refrigerator
  • Side-by-side refrigerator
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerator
  • French door models
  • Counter-depth 4-door refrigerator
  • Compact refrigerator

In conclusion, Frigidaire freezers are a great option for anyone searching for sturdy, affordable, and energy-efficient refrigerators.

How long do Frigidaire refrigerators last?

A Frigidaire refrigerator typically lasts between 13 to 17 years.

Depending on the refrigerator’s type and size, the lifetime varies. If they are properly maintained, refrigerators typically last 17 years on average.

Some factors ensure a refrigerator’s durability. They are the sort of compressor the company uses, the refrigeration system, and the amount of insulation.

Its longevity may be impacted if the compressors seem loud or the system is malfunctioning.

On the other hand, a refrigerator may survive a lot longer if it is adequately protected, maintained, and equipped with a strong compressor.

Frigidaire has been operating for a long time in the market. And this company is renowned for its quality and dependability.

This main factor has kept customers choosing Frigidaire refrigerators over other manufacturers for so long.

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