What Does Green Light Mean on Anker Charger?

Did you buy a new Anker charger and watch the green light on your charger? And Are you feeling curious about what your charger is saying to you by showing this light?

Then, you have come to the right place.

What does the green light mean on the Anker charger:

When you plug in your phone with an Anker charger, a green light turns on and remains steady until your device is fully charged.

Anker’s green light indicates that it is delivering charges to your device at that time.

What Does Green Light Mean on Anker Charger
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However, the green light does not always mean the device is charging. Anker chargers have some exclusive features, such as trickle charging mode.

Press and hold down the power button of your Anker charger and trickle charging mode will turn on. By turning the trickle mode, you will see that one of the green lights is on.

Now, you may want to know out of curiosity, what is trickle charging mode? Let’s find out here.

Whenever you fully charge your device’s battery, it tends to discharge its charges. This phenomenon is called self-discharging.

Therefore, scientists have developed a new technology called Trickle Charging. In this mode, the charger gives the same level of output as the device’s battery is discharging.

Trickle charging is effective when fully charged. It helps to prevent overcharging. As you know, overcharging damages the battery.

Therefore, your Anker charger notifying you that it is using trickle charging technology is a good thing. You can stop worrying about when to plug out your device all the time.

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Why is my Anker blinking green?

Some people experience green light blinking on their Anker chargers. Green light blinking means your charger is receiving inconsistent or incompatible power input.

That may be coming from the power grid or other sources of connection to your house. However, this incompatible power input can cause damage to your Anker charger.

Not only the Anker charger but also other electronic devices can be busted due to incompatible power sources. There are some ways to deal with this problem.

One of the most famous solutions is to use a stabilizer or use an adapter. It will give constant voltage output helping your electronic devices to last longer.

What do lights on an Anker charger mean?

Notifying the user about the state of the device is an essential feature for any device. All chargers with no display output notify their users using random colorful LED lights.

The Anker charger is not an exception. It uses various LED light colors to give information about its states. The colors Anker charger uses and which color indicates what are listed below to see at a glance:

  • Steady Green Light (Power On Condition) – Charging
  • Steady White Light (Power On Condition) – Fully Charged
  • Steady Blue Light (Power On Condition) – Charging Slowly or In Standby Mode
  • Steady Green Light (Power Off Condition) – Charging
  • Light Turning Off (Power Off Condition) – Fully Charged
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