Is Kenmore Still in Business? – (Revealed)

Yes, Kenomore is still in business. This American brand is licensed and owned by Transformco.

Kenmore has been a household name for manufacturing appliances for many years.

is Kenmore still in business

The parent business of Kenmore had to close a number of its outlets because of recent financial difficulties.

Quite apart from the difficulties, Kenmore is still a recognized name in the home appliances sector.

The business is still in operation and is still a preferred option for many customers, despite some recent difficulties.

Yet the Kenmore brand has survived and is still widely available. Its products are constantly available at stores like,

  • Amazon
  • Sears
  • Kmart

Along with marketing appliances under the Kenmore name, its parent company collaborates on the creation of certain of its goods with companies, including Whirlpool and LG.

Customers have a variety of options when purchasing these appliances. Those appliances are also offered under Kenmore.

Its lengthy history of offering clients high-quality appliances has contributed to establishing its reputation.

What is Happening to Kenmore?

Kenmore’s parent company Sears Holdings Company has had significant difficulties recently.

Due to financial difficulties, Sears Holdings Company has been forced to close several of its stores.

After the declaration of its bankruptcy in 2018, the business was acquired by another company named Transform Holdco LLC.

According to September 2021, Kenmore has remained in business. Besides these difficulties, It continues to manufacture home appliances.

It’s important to keep in mind that things change in the future with regard to Sears Holdings Company and Kenmore.

However, after the financial problem, Kenmore remains an incredibly strong brand in the home appliance sector.

Does Kenmore Still Make Appliances?

Yes, Kenmore still makes appliances. Also, Kenmore is still in good form and continues to manufacture appliances.

Although in recent years, the company’s manufacturing and ownership agreements have changed. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t involved in any kind of production.

Let’s have a look at what types of products are manufactured by Kenmore.


The first home item to be produced with the Kenmore was the refrigerator.

Even now, Kenmore continues to produce a range of refrigerators in various models and sizes. The company’s refrigerator is regarded as the industry leader.

It has been producing high-quality refrigerators at the highest level for more than 100 years. Yet the caliber of its delivery doesn’t seem to be slipping at all.

Washing Machines

Washing machines made by Kenmore are still available for purchase worldwide.

But the features and models available may also have altered over the years.

In addition, as long as demand is high, Kenmore will continue to produce washing machines.

The contemporary Kenmore washing machine completes its task more quickly. Also, the market interest in this item rises as a result of its increased efficiency and dependability.


Kenmore also produces microwaves, even though it isn’t a manufacturer.

Because of its adaptability, it may fit any kitchen, saving room for other equipment.

Microwaves may now be moved about the kitchen with ease thanks to Kenmore.

The cooking pace has also been greatly enhanced by all of these changes.

Dryers and Washers

Dryers and washers are another addition to Kenmore home appliances.

Some brands solely produce dryers, while others do the opposite. Despite this, Kenmore continues to provide high-quality dryers and washers for consumers.

Among the appliances manufactured by Kenmore, dryers & washers may not be at the top.

Yet, it is incredibly convenient and reasonably priced, which influences the consumers’ choice.

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