5 Reasons Aukey Charger Not Working – (3 Ways to Fix)

One of the most significant reasons your Aukey charger is not working is that your charging cable needs to be fixed.

However, besides the faulty connectors, several reasons can cause your Aukey charger to stop working.

Read the following article to learn why your Aukey charger is not charging your phone.

Aukey Charger Not Working

Reasons why the Aukey charger is not working:

Several reasons can cause such a problem. All possible reasons are listed below why your Aukey charger is not working.

  • One of the most common ones is that your charging cord is torn inside or you did not insert your charging cable into the Aukey charger’s port completely. However, it is not always the fault of the charging cables that your phone is not getting any juice from the charger or power bank.
  • Sometimes, the charging port of the charger gets loosened up due to excessively connecting and disconnecting the charging cable. Besides, a charger is an electronic device, and an electronic device can damage without any symptoms.
  • You should check your charger’s charging port. There can be built-up dirt. Dust building on the copper strips in the connector port will interrupt contact with your charging cord.
  • If something is stuck in the connecting port, the port will not work as you will not be able to insert your connector pin entirely in it. Many people carry power banks in their bags. Thus, it is expected that something goes inside the port.
  • You should notice if your charger has swollen. Swollen charger means battery damage. It is possible to continuously use your charger without letting it cool down for a bit.
  • And then comes corrosion. If you see that your power bank charging port is severely corroded, it is time you get a new charger.

Three ways to fix your Aukey charger

Don’t be sad. There are ways you can fix your charger. Just follow the following tips to make your charger functional again.

  • If your Aukey charger does not discharge charges, you can restart your charger. It should do the job. Press and hold your charger’s clicker button, and it will restart. However, not all Aukey chargers have a clicky button that you can click. In that case, you do not have any option of restarting.
  • Clean your Aukey charger’s port. Use something like cotton bud or other soft things to clean the build-up dust in it. Cleaning should do the trick as dust reduces the conductivity and primary factor of corrosion.
  • If you have warranty coverage, you should visit Aukey’s servicing center. You may get a new one if there is no physical damage.

Why is the Aukey charger not taking charge?

Aukey chargers can stop taking charge if your charging cable is thinner than the required amps. If you use a thin charging cable, the charging speed gets slower. Therefore, your charger will take forever to become 100 percent.

Just use a high-watt charging cable. As today’s chargers are all above ten thousand milliamps, if you charge your charger with a low-rated cord, your charger will never get full in time.

However, there are conditions when the charger does not take charge at all. It is due to the damage to the charging circuit inside of your charger. A charging circuit can damage if the current overflows.

As the current overflows, the circuitry heats up and burns down. As a result, your charger will not take charge. Generally, this does not happen because the charging adapters can control excess current flow.

How can I make my Aukey charger long-lasting?

Generally, a charger lasts around two to three years, depending on the use. After that time, the capacity of the charger reduces drastically. You can follow several paths to extend your charger’s lifespan.

First of all, do not charge your Aukey charger to the fullest. When your charger is at 80 percent, unplug it. If there is no battery percentage shower, you can still see the LED indicators for percentage checking.

And do not dry up your charger to zero percent. It degrades the charge capacity.

Lastly, cleaning is an essential part of preserving your charger’s health. Dust formation can damage the input-output ports.


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