Does Aukey Work with an iPhone? – (Revealed)

Yes, Aukey chargers are compatible with any device with a lightning port, including iPhones, iPads, etc.

Aukey chargers can charge iPhones at maximum charging speed without any amperage fluctuation. Besides, its chargers are compatible with Apple devices and other devices with USB-C ports, including smartphones and laptops.

Read further into the article to learn more about Aukey chargers and iPhone charger alternatives.

Do Aukey Work with an iPhone

Are Aukey adapters Apple certified?

Yes, Aukey manufactures adopters that have Apple certification. Therefore, you can use an Aukey adopter without worries because it will not harm your device’s battery or charging circuitry,

According to Aukey, the company has received MFi certification from Apple. MFi is a licensing program from Apple, and its complete form is Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod.

In this program, Apple gives certificates to other companies to manufacture hardware and software peripherals for its products, including iPhones, iPad, iMac, Macbooks, etc.

If you see that a product has MFi certification, you can use it without fear, as Apple has certified these companies. Several companies besides Aukey have MFi certification. The companies are given below to see at a glance:

  • Apple
  • Anker
  • Griffin
  • Mophie
  • Nomad
  • Duracell
  • Belkin
  • Scosche
Do all Apple products support Aukey

Do all Apple products support Aukey?

The answer is yes. All Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macbooks, AirPods, etc., support Aukey chargers.

The hardware peripherals manufacturing company, Aukey, has been dedicated to producing chargers and other accessories for Apple products. And its compatibility with Apple devices is seamless.

As of 2023, Aukey manufactures USB type C to lightning cables, charging adapters, wireless charging pads, etc., targeting Apple products. Besides, the company also produces type C to type C cables and USB A to type C connectors.

Besides, Aukey has launched Thunderbolt 3 Hub. As a result, you can now connect multiple Apple devices at a point and increase your working environment’s efficiency.

As Aukey manufactures Apple MFi-certified products, the company does not compromise its quality. Therefore, you can also use Aukey charging adapters for other companies’ smartphone charging.

A stable power supply with long-lasting constant output has helped Aukey to secure one of the peak positions in the device accessories market.

As genuine Apple accessories are costly, Aukey can be a good alternative. The compatibility with all Apple devices has made this company’s accessories value for money.

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Is Aukey good for iPhones?

Aukey has clearly stated that its products are made for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. Moreover, it is safer than other local brands with Apple certification.

Aukey has been selling its adapters in the smartphone market for quite a while now. And now, it is one of the top-selling brands in the hardware peripherals market.

Fluctuations in power are bad for a phone’s battery health. The constant voltage rating and ampere output have made Aukey’s charging adapters reliable.

If you buy an Aukey charging adapter for your iPhone, we can assure you that your iPhone’s battery health will decay slower. And you will receive an excellent performance as Apple’s official chargers.

Does Aukey work with an Android device?

The answer is yes. Aukey is known for manufacturing Apple device peripherals. However, you can use it for your Android devices as well.

Aukey charging adapters are rated as 65 watts, and it has a USB type C port. Therefore, you just need a type C to type C charging cable for your Android device. USB type A to type C cable will not work here.

Today smartphones are smart enough to adjust their input power. Though Aukey Adapter is 65 watts, your Android device will take up to the rated power it can take. So you do not need to worry about battery damage.

Besides your Android devices, you can also charge your laptops and tablets with the Aukey charging adapter. However, your laptop must have a USB type C charging port, or you cannot charge it.

Moreover, Aukey launched a charging adapter called Aukey Omnia 65W Dual port. Here, you will have two charging ports in a charging brick. Therefore, you can charge two Android or Apple devices at a time.


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