Where Are LG Refrigerators Made 2024?

The majority of LG refrigerators are manufactured in South Korea.

Besides South Korea, LG also has a number of production sites in various nations, including

  • Mexico
  • China
  • USA
  • India
where are LG refrigerators made

The name LG will probably come up when you look for a refrigerator that has the most cutting-edge functionality, outstanding entertaining characteristics, and the most incredible capacity.

Let’s have a look at LG’s refrigerator manufacturing facilities in more detail…

South Korea

As LG is a South Korean company, you can anticipate that the majority of its branded equipment is made in that Asian nation.

The company bears a manufacturing plant in Changwon, South Korea. This place is 400 km far from Seoul.

There the company’s plant name is LG Smart Park Factory. This plant manufactures hundreds of LG items, including refrigerators.

Three production lines for generating refrigerators have already been automated by the business.

Modern technology and artificial intelligence are used for packaging refrigerators.

This multi-billion-dollar facility provides LG products to Asia as well as the majority of the rest of the world.

Recently, the plant just received a $683 million investment. As a result, it now aims to manufacture over a million LG units yearly.

The Changwon plant operates 6 manufacturing centers. Besides refrigerators, these centers also manufacture air conditioners, ovens, and other appliances.


One of the largest LG refrigerator manufacturing sites is located in Mexico. There are three LG-producing plants in Mexico. They are in;

  • Mexicali
  • Monterrey
  • Reynosa

The LG refrigerators that are sold all throughout North America originate from the one in Monterrey.

Mexico is regarded as the global center for electronics producers. For that reason, LG needs local production facilities.

So, there is a strong likelihood that your LG refrigerator was made in Moneterrey whether you purchased it from Mexico or any state in North America.


In China, LG first established its manufacturing facility in 1993 in Beijing.

For a long time, LG has already been manufacturing refrigerators in Beijing. LG goods are quite popular in China.

As a result, LG goods are in high demand there. Especially, Locals are the primary consumers of the majority of LG items made here.

The refrigerators that are manufactured in the Beijing plant are equally transported to surrounding Asian nations.


In 2019, LG opened a manufacturing facility for appliances in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Firstly, this plant only manufactured washing machines. But later, it set out its journey on to manufacture refrigerators.

In the USA, only a handful amount of LG refrigerators are manufactured.


In India, LG has a big presence. There LG has two plants that are established and fully functional.

The first one is in Noida and the second one is in Pune. Thousands of refrigerators have been produced for the Indian market at the environmentally friendly factory in Ranjangoan, Pune.

Moreover, LG is announced as the most dependable brand in terms of washing machines and refrigerators in India.

Where are LG refrigerator parts manufactured?

LG manufactures the majority of the refrigerator parts in its birthplace, South Korea. This factory produces around 60% of the LG refrigerators parts along with refrigerators.

Besides South Korea, you can also get its parts in Pune, Beijing, and Monterrey.

It’s also important to keep in mind that only some parts could come from other vendors. For instance, LG may employ components made by other companies in some of the refrigerator parts.

Are LG refrigerators good?

Yes, LG refrigerators do work well.

Since 1947, LG has been manufacturing high-quality appliances. The brand’s refrigerators are durable, long-lasting, and energy efficient.

Those who are seeking a moderate appliance that will endure a long time can choose LG refrigerators.

They have an excellent customer service team. They even don’t compromise their product’s quality.

So, it should be noted that LG is one of the most popular refrigerator brands worldwide. Hence, selecting an LG refrigerator for your house is an obvious choice.

How long does an LG refrigerator last?

LG refrigerators have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. In fact, the LG refrigerator brand is renowned for being reliable and strong.

Yet, how well an appliance is taken care of and maintained plays a key role in its longevity.

Thus you should have a specialist maintain your fridge or perform the task yourself sometimes. This will help you keep your equipment functional for a long time.

what company makes LG refrigerators

What company makes LG refrigerators?

LG refrigerators are produced by LG Electronics. The company’s headquarters is placed in Seoul, South Korea.

Besides refrigerators, the company also manufactures televisions, air conditioners, mobile phones, and other home appliances.

LG Electronics is renowned for its high-quality and innovative products. This manufacturing company offers different types of refrigerators models. Such as;

  • Side-by-side freeze
  • French door refrigerator
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerator
  • Top-freezer refrigerator

Who owns LG?

LG Corporation owns LG. This company holds almost 70% of the total share.

Consumers are most familiar with it through its electronics sections. LG Corporation was founded by the Korean business Goldstar, which launched the first radios with locally produced components in 1958.

Except for home appliances, this company equally manufactures cooling or heating products, chemicals, health care technology, and personal networking.

LG Pharma, LG Group, LG Electronics, and a few others are also included in LG Corporation.

Where can I buy LG refrigerators?

LG refrigerators are widely available in many locations across the world. Its items are available in both online and offline stores.

You can have the company’s refrigerators in LG’s own retail shops. Besides, its products are equally available on some online platforms. They are;

  • LG website
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • Best Buy
  • Overstock
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Sears

All the sites are trusted and you can enjoy their services.

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