Where Are Bosch Washing Machines Made?

The majority of Bosch washing machines are manufactured in Germany.

Besides Germany, its washing machines are also manufactured in various countries, including

  • United States
  • Poland
  • India
  • Romania
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Spain
Where Are Bosch Washing Machines Made

Let’s explore their manufacturing facilities in more depth.


Germany is known as the birthplace of Bosch. The business was established here and Bosch items were made here for many years.

Bosch’s popular washing machines named Series 8 are totally manufactured in Germany. Germany produces approximately 7% of the total number of Bosch washing machines.

Also, a few European nations receive washing machines manufactured here. There is an extremely high possibility that the washing machine you bought in Germany was produced there.


In Poland, LG washers manufacture washing machines for Bosch.

The country has four or five sites to manufacture all items of the Bosch Group.


In 2010, the Bosch Group was launched in India. One year afterward, the company started to manufacture washing machines in India.

Initially, they manufactured washing machines and imported them to Germany. Because of the success of this launch, the firm decided to start manufacturing its goods domestically rather than importing them.

A front-load washing machine manufacturing facility was established in Chennai. In India, the renowned Bosch Series 6 is produced.

The latest top-load washing machines are made in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, by outside manufacturers.


Bosch built its first washing machines manufacturing plant in Romania in 2018.

In Simeria, they built the plant for approximately €110 million.

Over one million washing machines may be produced here each year. On top of that, neighboring European nations receive washing machine exports from this region.


Turkey bears a manufacturing plant of 137 acres. There they manufacture Bosch washing machines as well as other appliances of Bosch.

In fact, the company has the biggest manufacturing plant in Turkey.


Since its initial entry into the Russian market in 1994, the business has sold a good percentage of washing machines there.

Recommended washing machines are manufactured and distributed across the nation in the company’s St. Petersburg facility.


In Spain, the company has manufactured a substantial number of washing machines.

Typically, here the company constantly manufactures budget-friendly washing machines.

Who makes Bosch washing machines?

BSH Hausgerate GmbH makes Bosch washing machines. The company has over 80 firms and works in over fifty countries.

This company is a German-based company. Also, most of the company’s washing machines are manufactured in Germany.

Under BSH, Bosch manufactures a variety of washing machines, from small-capacity models to large-capacity ones.

The firm produces washing machines that are built to be ecologically friendly and energy efficient. Some of the company’s prominent models are;

  • Series 8, front loader 10 kg
  • Series 6, automatic washing machine
  • Series 4, front loader 9 kg
  • Series 2, front loader 8 kg

Are Bosch washing machines any good?

Yes, the company’s washing machines have a reputation for being high-quality and effective.

Bosch is a reputed company with a long history in the appliance market. Its washing machines constantly receive excellent ratings for energy efficiency, reliability, and overall ability.

They provide a broad selection of models with varying capacities and features to meet diverse demands along with price ranges.

Bosch washing machines have cutting-edge technology that guarantees efficient cleaning while being user-friendly and simple to use.

What is the average lifespan of a Bosch washing machine?

A washing machine usually lasts between 10 to 14 years. In this case, the Bosch washing machine lasts approximately 10 years or more.

According to some consumers, their washing machine may last for a maximum of 11 years. In fact, how much clothing is laundered affects a washer’s lifespan.

It is predicted on 5100 loads of laundry being washed in the washer every year.

Besides, several Bosch washer models offer a 5-year guarantee. This indicates that the company doesn’t anticipate any problems for at minimum the first five years.

What is the power consumption of Bosch washing machines?

Depending on the particular features and model, Bosch washing machines might use different amounts of power.

Basically, 137 kWh of energy is consumed annually based on 220 typical cotton washing cycles at 60°C and 40°C with full and partial loads.

Nonetheless, the majority of the company’s washing machines are manufactured with energy efficiency as well as have an energy efficiency rating of A+++ per European standards.

Thus, they consume approximately 30% less power than a machine with an A rating. This leads to cheaper energy costs and a smaller environmental effect.

Where can I buy the Bosch washing machines?

The company has its business in over fifty countries of the world. And you can have its products everywhere.

Bosch products are available on both offline and online platforms. Except for offline outlets, the company’s washing machines are available on online sites, including;

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Flipkart
  • Homedepot
  • Currys
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