Do Monitors Come With Screen Protectors?

Most monitor manufacturers do not give screen protectors to their monitors.

Some may provide plastic film, but it is to make the monitor screen anti-reflective to reduce external reflection.

First, you need to know the purpose of screen protectors. Then, you will understand if your monitor needs one or not.

Read the rest of the article to learn all about monitor protection and screen protectors.

Do Monitors Come with Screen Protectors

Does a monitor need a screen protector?

It depends on several factors if a monitor needs a screen protector or not. However, in general cases, a monitor does not require a screen protector.

Generally, monitors do not come with screen protectors because these devices do not require protection from any impact or scratching. If it is about smartphones or tablets, screen protector plays a mandatory role.

Smartphone and tablet screens are under continuous rubbing because of their touchscreen display. As a result, the glasses of these devices wear off fast. Moreover, falling from hands is another thing to consider.

But the scenario is different for monitors. Monitors are not generally touchscreen types. Therefore, you do not need to touch the monitor screen continuously.

And also, if the table where you put your monitor is steady enough, there is no chance of falling. Well, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, are odd reasons for the falling of the monitor.

However, you can consider scratching and dust forming to put a screen protector on your monitor. You do not need to worry about scratching if you are not using a touchscreen panel.

But dust formation is a vital issue for all types of monitors. When you turn your monitor on, static electricity is generated on the glass of your monitor, attracting dust particles in the atmospheric air.

As a result, after some days of use, you will find a thin layer of dust on your monitor screen. If you do not clean it, it may leave a permanent marking on the glass. However, you can use a display cleaner liquid to remove it.

Should I remove the plastic from my monitor?

The answer can be both yes and no. It depends on which type of plastic film is on your monitor screen. However, you should leave it as it is.

First of all, not many monitors come with a plastic film. However, some manufacturers give film on their monitors.

Two types of plastic films out there that manufacturers give. One of them is plain plastic film. These types of film are used so that the monitor screen does not take any scratches while delivering.

You are welcome to peel this plain plastic film off. However, it can still give your monitor protection from figure scratches and dust forming.

Another type of film is anti-reflective. These types of films are monitor features. Manufacturers give these films so that outside reflection does not affect your vision while looking at the display.

You should not peel off these types of films. It is helpful for your working environment if there are multiple light sources.

Can I put a screen protector on my monitor?

You are always welcome to have a screen protector for your monitor. However, it would be wise to buy an anti-reflective one if your display is shiny.

Display protectors are no good if you want a plain plastic film because it will still be reflective. Besides, if you cannot put the film on your monitor perfectly, bubbles will still be trapped there.

Besides, the low-quality plastic film will reduce the display output quality. Therefore, you should always go for branded ones instead of local plastic films.

Instead of using clear plastic films, you can use anti-reflective ones. However, all anti-reflective plastic films are good. Some can disrupt the original color content that your monitor is giving.

Therefore, whenever you buy a screen protector, try to buy quality ones, or you will not get the desired color quality from your monitor display.

But again, you do not need a screen protector for your monitor. Just use a soft piece of clothing to clean your monitor screen occasionally. And try not to touch your monitor screen barehanded.

Your body oil will stick to your monitor if you touch your monitor barehanded. As a result, dust formation will occur and eventually will leave a permanent spot on the screen.


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