Is HTC Still Making Phones

HTC is still manufacturing smartphones in 2023.

This Taiwanese company’s sales have heavily fallen after 2011. Therefore, many people thought HTC discontinued its phones, though the company did not.

Is HTC Still Making Phones
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In 2011, HTC sold nearly 160 million units of smartphones, which was impressive for a newbie in the cellphone market.

Read the following article to discover how this widely recognized brand ended up disappointing.

Will HTC ever come back?

HTC did not pause making phones completely. However, HTC’s sales dropped significantly over the years due to the lack of strategies, and also, the company has sold its 80 percent asset to Google.

In 2018, when sales of HTC had reached the bottom, HTC decided to discontinue its mid-ranged and lower-budget smartphones. As HTC was known for its flagship smartphones, it started focusing on that part only.

Therefore, the net production of HTC cut to only 32 percent of the total production the company did back then. Thus, HTC phones became less available on the market, and sales dropped further.

On 28 June 2022, HTC released its first Metaverse phone named HTC Desire 22 Pro 5G. It is also a flagship phone from this company. In other words, HTC did not run out of business but has shrunk its business to preserve its reputation.

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Why did they stop making HTC phones?

First of all, HTC did not stop making phones. However, the company reduced manufacturing amounts significantly in 2018. Several factors are playing behind the reason for the HTC phone shortage.

Once, HTC was one of the most famous Android phone manufacturers in the world. But in 2023, you will hardly hear HTC’s name in the smartphone market. The causes of such a downfall are discussed below.

HTC had a reputation for manufacturing flagship smartphones. However, the company tried to capture the market from entry-level to high-end smartphones. To fulfill this goal, HTC started releasing dozens of phone models a year.

But the result was not favorable to HTC. The company was only focusing on quantity over quality. The consequence was horrible. The sales dropped from 155 thousand units per year to around 70 thousand in just four years.

But HTC did not try to uplift the quality of its smartphones but continued mass production. The decision was self-destructing. In 2018, the company sold only 15 thousand units in total.

To avoid bankruptcy, HTC sold out 80 percent assets for manufacturing phones to Google in 2018. And with types of machinery, Google began manufacturing Pixel phones.

On the other hand, HTC turned back from the decision of manufacturing a wide range of smartphones and began producing quality products. But the damage was already done to the company’s business.

Who bought out HTC?

HTC is still a public company and also, is not under any companies or corporations. However, this company does not have the original size it had five years ago.

In 2018, Google bought HTC’s assets as the company was struggling to hold its sales up in the smartphone market. Besides the assets, Google also took two thousand engineers, support staff, and designers.

As a result, though HTC still exists in 2023, HTC does not have the expertise it had previously in 2018.

On the other hand, Google has gained world-class employees from HTC. It is one of the key elements of Google’s Pixel phone’s high selling rate.

Besides smartphones, HTC has businesses other than smartphones, including laptops and VR headsets. As a result, the sales drop could not make a massive impact on this company.

Will HTC ever make a new phone?

The answer is yes. HTC is still making phones and will release new phones in the future as well. On 28 June 2022, the company debuted the latest smartphone named HTC Desire U22 Pro 5G.

However, that is not the last of HTC. This year, HTC has announced the release of another phone, the HTC Desire U23 Pro. All these phones are Metaverse phones. Besides, HTC also manufactures Windows phones as well.


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