How Loud Are TV Speakers? – (Details Revealed)

A TV speaker can go up to 90 to 95 decibels at a max volume, depending on which company manufactures the TV.

However, you will experience distortion in sound quality at that high decibels. Also, the peaks of the TV sound can vary with the scene you are seeing, as volume levels vastly depend on video makers as well.

Read the following article to discover more about TV speakers and sound safety rules and regulations from different organizations, such as the European Union.

How Loud Are TV Speakers
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How loud is too loud for TV speakers?

Above 90 decibels is too loud for a TV speaker. However, 90 decibels is way above the comfort zone of human ears.

Which sound is too loud varies from person to person. However, 90 decibels is loud for all humans regardless of who you are. Besides, there is a range of human ear comfort zone, which is around 70 to 75 decibels.

Sound above 75 decibels is loud enough for headaches if you are there for a long time. And it is more problematic for children. Infants feel discomfort if the sound level goes any higher than 65 decibels.

If you watch TV with max sound volume, it will be irritating for your neighbors as well. Besides, long-time exposure to loud sounds can block your hearing temporarily.

Therefore, do not just learn which sound level is too loud for a TV speaker but know which level of volume is comforting to your ears. I assure you that all TV speaker systems are loud enough to entertain you.

You just have to know which level of sound is comforting for your ears and will not bother your neighbors.

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How loud should the TV be in the apartment?

Well, it depends on where your apartment is and how big it is. But again, watching the TV at a volume level of 65 decibels is good enough. In this way, neighbors will not yell at you.

First of all, you need to judge the density around you. If your apartment is small and all the apartments around you are filled up, just go below 65 decibels.

But if your apartment is big enough and your neighboring apartments are empty, enjoy it to the fullest. But again, take care of your ears’ health. Loud sounds can cause temporary hearing loss.

Now, you may get confused about which level of decibels sounds like what or how much 65 decibels sounds like. Well, check the table below to learn about decibels for comparison purposes.

Level of DecibelsSound Example
0Softest sound (falling off of a leaf)
10Calm breathing
20Whispering at a distance of 5 feet
30Soft whispering at your ear
60Regular conversation
70Dishwasher (Starting point of noise)
75Alarm clock
80Telephone ringing
90Blender or Tractor
95Drilling machine
100Factory grade machinery
110Rock Concert
120Jet plane
130Noisy squeaky toys
140Airplane takeoff
150Artillery firing at a distance of 500 feet
170Heavy-duty firearms, such as Rifles
190Rocket launching

What is the average TV listening volume?

Generally, people watch TV at a volume level of 65 to 68 decibels. Everyone comments that they feel comfortable watching at this sound level.

But again, I can never say that the following sound level will be perfect for you. Because which sound level is suitable for you depends on various factors.

An infant’s or underaged person’s ears are highly sensitive. Thus, they feel comfort when they hear sounds below 65 decibels. However, with aging, the eardrums get rigid more and more.

As a result, middle-aged people or adults need to increase TV volume to 70 decibels to hear. And also, it is the standard comfort level for any adult with healthy hearing.

Then comes the senior citizen. They do not hear well due to aging. Thus, the TV volume needs to be nearly 75 decibels, which is louder than average.

But there is another category of people who have hearing problems. They can use hearing aids before watching TV. Thus, they can enjoy television at a lower volume.


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