Do Gaming Monitors Have Speakers? – (Revealed)

Whether you’re a professional gamer or just enjoy playing the occasional game, you know that having a good monitor is key to getting the most out of your gaming experience.

But what about gaming monitors with speakers? Do they offer any benefits over regular monitors?

The short answer is that gaming monitors with speakers do have some advantages over regular monitors. For one, they tend to be better at handling sound, which can be important for gaming.

Do Gaming Monitors Have Speakers

They also usually have better build quality, meaning they’re more durable and can take a few more knocks.

However, there are also some disadvantages to gaming monitors with speakers. For one, they tend to be more expensive than regular monitors. They also tend to be a bit bulkier, which can be a problem if you have a limited amount of space.

Speakers on a Monitor

Some monitors will have speakers that can be external or internal. The quality of the sound will vary depending on what type of monitor it is and how many watts of power you’re dealing with as well.

A lot of them are usually pretty small, so they won’t provide much bass at all. You can still hear the sound, but it might not be as loud because of how small they are.

So do gaming monitors have speakers? The speaker question will depend on what type you’re having and if there is an external or internal one, too! It’s best to try out a few different types before deciding which ones you want in your home for the best gaming experience.

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Do Monitors Have Built-in Speakers?

The short answer is yes.

And the long answer is that it depends on the monitor. Not all gaming monitors have Built-in speakers.

If the monitor has enough room on its cabinet for a speaker, then it probably has one or more built-in speakers that you can use to listen to your games and movies as well as any other audio that is connected to the computer through headphones or external sound system.

If it does not, then you will need to connect an external speaker or sound system in order for the computer to make any noise. It is possible that your monitor may have a headphone jack that allows you to plug-in headphones if no other speakers are available like with some TV monitors and laptop screens.

With most modern gaming consoles, you can simply plug in a set of headphones into the headphone jack on your console or controller for some sound without any other speakers.

With most modern gaming consoles, one option is to use a headset with an attached microphone which allows players to communicate during multiplayer games and chat with friends while playing single-player ones. The headset plugs directly into either the controller or the console itself in order to provide in-game sound.

How do I Know if my Monitor Has Built-in Speakers?

If you are wondering if your monitor has built-in speakers, you should check the back of it. When looking at the back panel for any holes or slots that look like they may fit a speaker plug, this is where your speakers will be located on most monitors.

If there are no apparent locations to put in headphones or external speakers, it is likely that your monitor does not have built-in speakers.

You can also consult the manual for your specific model of the monitor or search online to find out if there are any special settings you need to enable and/or change, such as volume controls and audio source options.

If you do not want to purchase external speakers but want to hear sound from your monitor, you can explore software options.

For example, if you would like the option of having speakers on for certain applications but not others, look into using an application such as “Noise Machine” or another similar program that allows users to control volume and add audio effects with their computer’s keyboard buttons.

This will allow you to press a button on your keyboards, such as F11 or Scroll Lock, and the backlight of the keys on your specific keyboard will activate while the sound comes out.

Although this method is not exactly like having built-in speakers, it can be an effective alternative if you would prefer not to use headphones for whatever reason.

Are gaming monitors with speakers worth the extra cost?

It really depends on your needs and budget. If you’re a professional gamer or just want the best gaming experience possible, then a gaming monitor with speakers is probably worth the extra cost.

However, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t need the extra features, then a regular monitor will probably suffice.


Gaming monitors often don’t have speakers, but they can be connected to a separate speaker system or audio device.

Most new monitors have at least HDMI connections, which are currently the standard. Many of them also have USB ports that can be used for sound input or output.

Using separate speakers is often more convenient than using monitor speakers because you don’t need to worry about conserving space around your computer monitor with all of its cables and gadgets.

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